Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West

Leaflet Delivery: the facts

stack of leafletsEvery business needs to market itself in order to survive and prosper. There are various methods to market a company and leaflet delivery is one such method.

Statistically leaflet delivery – also known as door to door marketing – is one of the very best methods of marketing your company.

Research by the Direct Marketing Association (2007) shows that leaflet delivery is an effective way to market (see stats provided in our home page, bottom left).

Why you should consider leaflet delivery as your main marketing method

We have been marketing in the door to door industry for years and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

A well organised leaflet marketing campaign can cut down your marketing budget by hundreds and even thousands of pounds in some cases simply by focusing your marketing efforts on the door to door industry and cutting sending on other areas such as national directories – if and when applicable.

Are you advertising in the local papers?

One typical area where spending can be cut down – or entirely – is newspaper advertising. This type of marketing is expensive, especially in comparison to delivery of leaflets in a focused area – the same area the newspaper of your choice would cover.

One clear advantage with leaflet delivery is that your message reaches the target audience directly: they have to pick the leaflet up. This gives you a very high chance of engaging your target audience with your message: it’s a selling opportunity that you don’t always achieve with any other type of marketing.

In the case of delivering your message inside a newspaper, you’re competing with dozens of other adverts – and they all look the same (unless you pay even more to make it stand out).

Leaflet delivery wins hands down: just ask our customers

We have a number of great case studies that show how various companies in the Northwest are benefiting from using leaflet delivery as their main method of marketing. You can see our ase studies posts in the sidebar on the right.

If you’re looking at cutting down the cost of your marketing and are willing to test this fantastic method of distribution, then leaflet delivery is right for you.

Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West