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Leaflet distrubution in the Wirral

wirral-mapLeaflet Distribution Services Limited undertake regular promotional work for a well known insurance broker throughout the Wirral area of Liverpool. The targeted leaflet drop on a monthly basis provides the target area with regular promotional insurance offers for the home, car and personal insurance plans.

By undertaking a regular monthly leaflet drop it ensures that the insurance broker consistently targets his message to potential customers.

By targeting the leaflet drop on an area basis it ensures that every resident within 10 miles of the main office receives an up to date offer every six months which continues to reinforce the name, message and brand.

Leaflet Distribution Services Limited believe that this type of leaflet drop ensures the client has excellent coverage and message recall which has proven to be extremely lucrative to the clients business.


One Response to “Leaflet distrubution in the Wirral”
  1. Aldium Insurance says:

    ‘We recently undertook an 8000 leaflet drop, the first time we have run such an exercise. We spoke to a couple of potential distribution companies but LDS impressed us with their organization and admin so we gave them the job. They completed it on schedule and provided us with maps showing the roads they had delivered in – several of our staff live in the area so we know that they really did deliver where they said they had. The exercise was successful for us so we’ll run it again and will certainly use LDS to handle it for us’.

    Derek Williams,
    Marketing Manager,
    Aldium Insurance.

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Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West