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Leaflet drop in Warrington pays off for Pizza company

pizzaWhich company doesn’t want to increase sales and more importantly profits in this difficult time?

If the answer is yes then leaflet delivery is for you. The fast food market is very competitive and it is imperative to ensure maximum exposure to all passing clients and local households.

A weekly targeted campaign in Warrington delivering a quality food menu through the letterbox of all local residents has ensured this well know pizza company has retained and increased its customer base in difficult trading conditions.

This proves once again that regular door drop leaflet distributions really do work and must be taken seriously if your company wants to be stable and grow.

Leaflet distribution in Warrington

leaflet deliveryLeaflet Distribution Services Limited undertake regular promotional work for a Warrington based fast food outlet. The blanket leafleting campaign on a weekly basis provides the target area with regular promotional menus and special offers.

By undertaking a regular weekly leaflet drop it ensures that the fast food outlet has a steady stream of client orders not only over the weekend but also throughout the week.

By targeting the leaflet drop on an area basis it ensures that every resident within 5 miles of the outlet receives a new and updated menu every 12 weeks which continues to reinforce the name, message and brand.

Leaflet Distribution Services Limited believe that this type of leaflet drop ensures the client has excellent coverage and message recall which has proven to be extremely lucrative to the clients business.

You can see how a pizza company increased their marketing with a leaflet drop in warrington

Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West