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Should you do a door to door campaign in Warrington?

warringtonAny company in the North West selling goods or services that can be marketed outside of their local area would do well to engage in a door to door leaflet campaign.

Door to door marketing is simply the act of putting leaflets or fliers (or any other promotional material) through a letterbox, hence the terms:

  • door to door marketing
  • letterbox marketing

When it comes to targeting large industrial and residential areas in the North West, one place to consider is Warrington. With it’s huge retail park and large residential area, Warrington is one of the major hubs in the country.

Advertising your products and services to companies or homes in Warrington could be a smart move for any business looking to maximise their marketing investment through a door to door campaign. Warrington is an ideal target area because it has both a:

  • large number of businesses
  • large number of residential homes

LDS already undertake leaflet deliveries in Warrington for various companies. You can read all about how a pizza company benefits from their leaflet delivery in Warrington here

Wigan leaflet distribution

wigan_town_centre_webIf your company is in the Northwest and you use leaflet drops as one of your advertising mediums, then you should consider a leaflet distribution in Wigan.

As a town centre, Wigan is fast developing to become one of the hubs in the Northwest. With various shopping arcades and surrounded by office developments and a large residential area, Wigan is an ideal location for a leaflet distribution.

LDS operate in the Northwest, and specialise in areas such as St Helens and Wigan, so we are the ideal choice in terms of geography and expertise to deliver your leaflet around the Wigan area.

Contact us today for a quote or simply call to speak to one of our advisers who can help you plan your distribution.

Bulk Drops v Leaflet Drops

leaflet deliveryAs a leaflet company, we make it a part of the process to both inform and educate the client when it comes to the best way to promote their company with leaflet marketing.

Most companies are aware of leaflet marketing – also known as door to door or leaflet drops – but fewer are aware of what we call bulk drops.

In some cases a bulk drop may not only work out cheaper for your company but be a more effective way of delivering your message.

To understand the difference between leaflet drops and bulk drops, take a look at the following descriptions:

  • leaflet drop – putting leaflets through doors, ideal for a residential area or retail and business parks.
  • bulk drop – dropping a number of leaflets (e.g. 50, 100, 1000…) in a particular spot, so that people can pick one up. Think Argos catalogue.

Some areas are very suited to bulk dropping. For instance, the newly developed Liverpool L1 is ideal for bulk dropping, especially to advertise an upcoming event.

We find that some clients are not aware of bulk dropping, and ask for a leaflet drop in certain areas, whereupon we advise them of the most effective option for their marketing.

In the above scenario for instance, where a client may be wanting to advertise an upcoming event in L1, we would advise giving bulk dropping a go as the method most likely to yield good results.

How to decide if leaflet drops are working for your company?

leaflet deliveryIf you’ve tried a leaflet delivery campaign for your business and you experienced por results, you may be tempted to dismiss the method. However, 1 or 2 campaings do not provide enough data to assess the method as a whole.

One of the main problems with attempting to measure this – and any other marketing – method, is that there are simpy far too many variables involved in the process, most of which are out of your control.

Timing is one of course: if you’re offering the wrong product at the wrong time, then you’re likely to experience poor sales. Think mad cow desease and beef sellers.

Another reason of course is demand: of your audience doesn’t want your product or service, then you’re not likely to sell it to them.

The bottom line is that you can’t really – realistically – measure results. However, there is a sccessful mindset to adopt when it comes to advertising and marketing: keep trying and tweaking. One you’re aware that these variables exist, then simply continue to put your product or service in front of the audience.

Think of it a little like the lotto: if you don’t win one week, you don’t give up! You try again, in the hope that the right conditions come together the next time you try.

Looking for a leaflet drop in Merseyside?

leaflet deliveryAs a leaflet distribution company we aim to deliver your leaflet in as wide an area as possible. Our staff are all experienced in this industry and have worked for at least 1 national leaflet company, undertaking leaflet campaigns across the UK on a daily basis.

That said, LDS is based in Liverpool, and we do specialise in our local area. So if you or your company is looking for a leaflet drop in Merseyside, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 077 2847.

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