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Leaflet Delivery versus Newspaper Ads

leaflet deliveryWhen it comes to marketing your products and services, advertising is a must. But closely related to marketing and advertising is budget. How much you can spend on your advertising may be a determining factor on the types of results you achieve.

Another factor however is the medium of advertising that you choose. Newspaper advertising seems to be the first choice for smaller businesses, but this is likely to be a result of what we’re used to rather than any kind of real-world-results or research.

The fact is that when you advertise in a newspaper, the reader is generally not looking for your company: they’re just browsing. This makes it hard enough to spot your advert, but add to this the fact that your advert is competing against a full page of similar ads, all the same size (typically) and using the same colours. This leads to ad-blidness on the part of the reader.

Newspaper advertising, based on the above, can be a very hit and miss solution for your business advertising. Add to this the cost… Newspaper advertising is not cheap.

Leaflet marketing however is generally much cheaper and gives your advert direct contact with the reader. When you pick up a leaflet from your letterbox, you read it… thus the advertiser gets your uninterrupted attention for a precious few seconds – and that’s all it takes to make a buying decision.

Leaflet delivery in Haydock

HaydockEver considered conducting your leaflet delivery in Haydock? Situated on the outskirts of St Helens, Haydock has a very large residential area, which makes this a primary location for a leaflet drop.

The main reason for this is simply because a team of leaflet distributors in Haydock area able to walk the whole length of the main street and leaflet drop with almost no disruption or breaks between letterboxes.

One of the challenges facing any team of leaflet distributors is making a drop in an area that’s littered with shops and other non-residential establishments when the target is a residential drop.

Haydock, by virtue of how its set out, makes it a great location for anything from flyer drops to any other form of letterbox marketing.

Beyond the main street is the housing cluster which offers a great and easier-than-most location for a fast and effective leaflet drop.

If your products of services are localised enough to include Haydock and are targeted at  residential areas, then you should consider undertaking a leaflet campaign in Haydock.

Leaflet distribution in Warrington

leaflet deliveryLeaflet Distribution Services Limited undertake regular promotional work for a Warrington based fast food outlet. The blanket leafleting campaign on a weekly basis provides the target area with regular promotional menus and special offers.

By undertaking a regular weekly leaflet drop it ensures that the fast food outlet has a steady stream of client orders not only over the weekend but also throughout the week.

By targeting the leaflet drop on an area basis it ensures that every resident within 5 miles of the outlet receives a new and updated menu every 12 weeks which continues to reinforce the name, message and brand.

Leaflet Distribution Services Limited believe that this type of leaflet drop ensures the client has excellent coverage and message recall which has proven to be extremely lucrative to the clients business.

You can see how a pizza company increased their marketing with a leaflet drop in warrington

Leaflet Drop

leaflet-delivery-thumbLeaflet drops is still one of the best ways you can market your company. A targeted leaflet drop can bring in sales and new customers faster and at a cheaper cost than other marketing mediums. The ‘trick’ is in targeting your leaflet drop. Although a ‘blanket’ leaflet drop (that’s the term used for an untargeted leaflet campaign) can still yield results, targeting your audience will generally always increase your conversion rate.

Example case study:

You have a great new lawn mower that you want to market locally.

  • Untargeted leaflet drop: here you would simply put all your leaflets through every door in the village. Some sales may come your way.
  • Targeted leaflet drop: here you would only put leaflets through the doors of homes with a garden. These homes represent your target market. Some sales may come your way, but it is highly likely that the percentage will be much higher than with the untargeted leaflet drop.

Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West