Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West


Which will be the best distribution method for my leaflet /magazine and what is the largest item that you can deliver?
We will advise based on the type of leaflet, size, weight and quantity. Timescales and your budget are also considerations. The largest size item we deliver is directory size.

What information do you require to complete the job?
For successful completion of your distribution our Teams will work closely from street lists, maps or postcode sectors.

What notice period does LDS require for a leaflet/magazine distribution?
It depends on the size and scale of your distribution. Normally we require a minimum of two weeks notice from your order confirmation. However, if our resources permit, it is possible to action your request immediately on your payment.

How do I get my leaflets/magazines to LDS?
We have our own storage/warehouse facility. Full details will be provided on receipt of your order. If your stock is located near to the distribution area, we will collect directly from you.

How long will it take to deliver my leaflets/magazines?
This varies depending on your selected distribution type and scale of your project. (see ‘Distribution Methods’ for more information) However, be assured we will do everything within our powers to meet your requirements.

How can I be sure my distribution has been completed properly?
All our Solus Teams are overseen by an experienced manager and checklists are provided to indicate where the materials have been distributed. If you have a justified concern regarding the coverage, we will utilize an independent back checking organisation to investigate any complaint on your behalf.

How much will a distribution cost and what are your payment terms?
The cost will depend on the quantity, size and weight of the item. Payment terms for our regular clients is, 30 days from completion of job. For new clients, payment must be received and cleared prior to commencement of distribution. All terms are at the discretion of the Managing Director.

Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West