Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West

Should you do a door to door campaign in Warrington?

warringtonAny company in the North West selling goods or services that can be marketed outside of their local area would do well to engage in a door to door leaflet campaign.

Door to door marketing is simply the act of putting leaflets or fliers (or any other promotional material) through a letterbox, hence the terms:

  • door to door marketing
  • letterbox marketing

When it comes to targeting large industrial and residential areas in the North West, one place to consider is Warrington. With it’s huge retail park and large residential area, Warrington is one of the major hubs in the country.

Advertising your products and services to companies or homes in Warrington could be a smart move for any business looking to maximise their marketing investment through a door to door campaign. Warrington is an ideal target area because it has both a:

  • large number of businesses
  • large number of residential homes

LDS already undertake leaflet deliveries in Warrington for various companies. You can read all about how a pizza company benefits from their leaflet delivery in Warrington here

Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West