Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West

Leaflet Delivery versus Newspaper Ads

leaflet deliveryWhen it comes to marketing your products and services, advertising is a must. But closely related to marketing and advertising is budget. How much you can spend on your advertising may be a determining factor on the types of results you achieve.

Another factor however is the medium of advertising that you choose. Newspaper advertising seems to be the first choice for smaller businesses, but this is likely to be a result of what we’re used to rather than any kind of real-world-results or research.

The fact is that when you advertise in a newspaper, the reader is generally not looking for your company: they’re just browsing. This makes it hard enough to spot your advert, but add to this the fact that your advert is competing against a full page of similar ads, all the same size (typically) and using the same colours. This leads to ad-blidness on the part of the reader.

Newspaper advertising, based on the above, can be a very hit and miss solution for your business advertising. Add to this the cost… Newspaper advertising is not cheap.

Leaflet marketing however is generally much cheaper and gives your advert direct contact with the reader. When you pick up a leaflet from your letterbox, you read it… thus the advertiser gets your uninterrupted attention for a precious few seconds – and that’s all it takes to make a buying decision.

Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West