Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West

Bulk Drops v Leaflet Drops

leaflet deliveryAs a leaflet company, we make it a part of the process to both inform and educate the client when it comes to the best way to promote their company with leaflet marketing.

Most companies are aware of leaflet marketing – also known as door to door or leaflet drops – but fewer are aware of what we call bulk drops.

In some cases a bulk drop may not only work out cheaper for your company but be a more effective way of delivering your message.

To understand the difference between leaflet drops and bulk drops, take a look at the following descriptions:

  • leaflet drop – putting leaflets through doors, ideal for a residential area or retail and business parks.
  • bulk drop – dropping a number of leaflets (e.g. 50, 100, 1000…) in a particular spot, so that people can pick one up. Think Argos catalogue.

Some areas are very suited to bulk dropping. For instance, the newly developed Liverpool L1 is ideal for bulk dropping, especially to advertise an upcoming event.

We find that some clients are not aware of bulk dropping, and ask for a leaflet drop in certain areas, whereupon we advise them of the most effective option for their marketing.

In the above scenario for instance, where a client may be wanting to advertise an upcoming event in L1, we would advise giving bulk dropping a go as the method most likely to yield good results.

Bulk Dropping your Leaflets

boxesBulk drops can be a cost effective way of getting your message into key venues across your targeted area and market. Leaflet Distribution Services Limited has undertaken several very successful campaigns across Liverpool city centre, Wallasey, Southport and South Manchester to advertise various events or promotions.

Generally speaking LDS Ltd will identify and target specific types of public venues with high volumes of passing trade from our own extensive data base. Whether it be top end restaurants/bars or entertainment centres, or information/transport hubs or museums & gallery’s.

LDS Ltd will coordinate the distribution and ensure a supply of leaflets magazines are left in a prominent position within these venues for the general public to take or peruse.

Leaflet Drop

leaflet-delivery-thumbLeaflet drops is still one of the best ways you can market your company. A targeted leaflet drop can bring in sales and new customers faster and at a cheaper cost than other marketing mediums. The ‘trick’ is in targeting your leaflet drop. Although a ‘blanket’ leaflet drop (that’s the term used for an untargeted leaflet campaign) can still yield results, targeting your audience will generally always increase your conversion rate.

Example case study:

You have a great new lawn mower that you want to market locally.

  • Untargeted leaflet drop: here you would simply put all your leaflets through every door in the village. Some sales may come your way.
  • Targeted leaflet drop: here you would only put leaflets through the doors of homes with a garden. These homes represent your target market. Some sales may come your way, but it is highly likely that the percentage will be much higher than with the untargeted leaflet drop.

Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West