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Leaflet delivery in Haydock

HaydockEver considered conducting your leaflet delivery in Haydock? Situated on the outskirts of St Helens, Haydock has a very large residential area, which makes this a primary location for a leaflet drop.

The main reason for this is simply because a team of leaflet distributors in Haydock area able to walk the whole length of the main street and leaflet drop with almost no disruption or breaks between letterboxes.

One of the challenges facing any team of leaflet distributors is making a drop in an area that’s littered with shops and other non-residential establishments when the target is a residential drop.

Haydock, by virtue of how its set out, makes it a great location for anything from flyer drops to any other form of letterbox marketing.

Beyond the main street is the housing cluster which offers a great and easier-than-most location for a fast and effective leaflet drop.

If your products of services are localised enough to include Haydock and are targeted at  residential areas, then you should consider undertaking a leaflet campaign in Haydock.

Leaflet delivery in Standish

leaflet deliveryFolllowing our last article and the enquiries we received, we’d like to point out that the leaflet distribution in Wigan post applies of course to all the areas around Wigan, including Standish.

Wigan has a lot of small surrounding areas, many of them affluent, up and coming and full of businesses – as well as of course the residential areas that make up the bulk of the land.

The last article points out that, as a well-to-do area that’s growing rapidly economically, Wigan is an ideal target for a leaflet drop. That includes the larger areas around it. Tactically of course, it may be better for some companies to split a leaflet campaign across sectors, so for instance you would carry out a leaflet delivery in Standish and measure your results accordingly and separately from your next leaflet delivery in Wigan – and so on.

Bulk Drops v Leaflet Drops

leaflet deliveryAs a leaflet company, we make it a part of the process to both inform and educate the client when it comes to the best way to promote their company with leaflet marketing.

Most companies are aware of leaflet marketing – also known as door to door or leaflet drops – but fewer are aware of what we call bulk drops.

In some cases a bulk drop may not only work out cheaper for your company but be a more effective way of delivering your message.

To understand the difference between leaflet drops and bulk drops, take a look at the following descriptions:

  • leaflet drop – putting leaflets through doors, ideal for a residential area or retail and business parks.
  • bulk drop – dropping a number of leaflets (e.g. 50, 100, 1000…) in a particular spot, so that people can pick one up. Think Argos catalogue.

Some areas are very suited to bulk dropping. For instance, the newly developed Liverpool L1 is ideal for bulk dropping, especially to advertise an upcoming event.

We find that some clients are not aware of bulk dropping, and ask for a leaflet drop in certain areas, whereupon we advise them of the most effective option for their marketing.

In the above scenario for instance, where a client may be wanting to advertise an upcoming event in L1, we would advise giving bulk dropping a go as the method most likely to yield good results.

Is leaflet delivery right for your company?

leaflet deliveryLeaflet delivery is one of many forms of advertising. With very few exceptions, all companies require marketing as a means to reach their audience. Without marketing, your prospect will never be exposed to your products or services and as a result you will make no sales.

So marketing is a must. But what type of marketing should your business be engaged in? Well, in our experience, a combination of different marketing channels works wel for most businesses, and great results can be achieved when the core of your marketing is leaflet delivery.

Leaflet distribution helps you reach your potential clients… right in their homes. If your message is right, and the timing is right, then you can real great benefits from a targetted leaflet drop.

Many businesses opt for the traditional method of advertising in newspapers, mostly due to a lack of information on the benefits of using leaflet delivery to distribute their message.

Marketing is usually tied into a budget, so to make the selection process even esasier, just think of how much the 2 advertising channels are and make a side by side comparison. You will find that in all cases newspaper advertising is fairly expensive. But costs aside, your message is competing against hundreds or even thousands of others when it’s a solitary enry in a page full of other advertisements, whereas with a leaflet you have the full attention of your prospect for a short window of time: all the time needed to make abuying decision.

If you haven’t tried leaflet delivery yet, give us a call and let us help you test the waters with this great channel of advertising.

Leaflet drop in Warrington pays off for Pizza company

pizzaWhich company doesn’t want to increase sales and more importantly profits in this difficult time?

If the answer is yes then leaflet delivery is for you. The fast food market is very competitive and it is imperative to ensure maximum exposure to all passing clients and local households.

A weekly targeted campaign in Warrington delivering a quality food menu through the letterbox of all local residents has ensured this well know pizza company has retained and increased its customer base in difficult trading conditions.

This proves once again that regular door drop leaflet distributions really do work and must be taken seriously if your company wants to be stable and grow.

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Leaflet Distribution Services in Liverpool & North West